Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kindle should display the cover of the last read book instead of Jane Austen's dour face

Image from a google search for Jane Austin Kindle
Okay.  Sponsored Kindle is a big hit.  I don't like ads, but other people don't care and love cheap things, so Sponsored Kindle is the hottest thing around.  I was wrong on that one, but it still doesn't mean that Amazon couldn't update the original paid Kindle to display the cover the book you've been reading so that the device more resembles a normal book.  I think it would really help me restart my reading more than seeing Jane Austen's dour face.  (or a way to choose certain authors, choose different screen savers, etcera, etecera)  Capturing an image on screen is a really neat feature of e-ink and I don't think Amazon has done near enough to exploit this technology for it's non-advertising based users.

It could also display recent things you've highlighted, a list of recent books you've read, quotes from your friends, their reading progress, your reading progress, general reading based stats.  In general I'd say the thing doesn't give me nearly enough stats or coach my reading, but I guess that's a topic for another day.   For now I'll just wish again, for the thing to display a proper book cover instead of Jane Austen's dour face.

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