Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kindle for Mac: Mousewheel page scrolling really unnecessary

I keep scrolling by my Kindle window, causing the pages to flip uncontrollably and me to curse, trying to get back to the page I was on, while not spoiling the material now flying past my eyes.  Why is mousewheel scrolling necessary on Kindle for Mac?  People are reading your books for fun, yes?  Who's trying to scroll faster through their endlessly descriptive seemingly never-ending heavily footnoted tome?  Scrolling is for webpages with gobs of useless information that you're really only searching through to find the section you want to read.  Reading books is different.  Under no circumstances do I want the pages flying by at a rate so fast I can't read them.  You're not planning on adding a scrollwheel to the next version of the Kindle are you?  Then why'd you put one in your Kindle for Mac software?  Does anybody at Amazon test this software?  Anybody who reads (at the whole company, not just the testing department)?  Cause I don't see reading and scrolling to be the same thing.

Ah well.  More endless hot air as I complain to no one.  Back to my book.


  1. kindle for mac OSX appears to suck

    makes me want an iPad

  2. I agree with everything you said here. apparently on the kindle itself one has the opportunity to either scroll continuously or advance a page at a time. Not so with the mac version. For me personally, I seem to want to keep my eyes in the middle of the page, so I mindlessly scroll the wheel down a click and Poof! the whole page changes. Ah well. At least I can complain to you. Back to my book.

  3. Kindle on Mac is an issue. I am not able to scroll page by page but next page key or arrow key or forward key on the kindle book itself takes you to location after 5 or 8 pages.