Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down with Amazon Kindle's Clipping Limit - The reason I bought books was to annotate them electronically

This is why we can't be friends Amazon.  You sold me on the future of reading and you actually delivered.  Now just bring the publishers in line.  Restore my ability to digitally annotate and (for chrissake ADVERTISE your books for you to my readers)!  I enjoyed this book.  I enjoyed marking it.  I'd enjoy sharing it.  I'm not trying to steal it. I already bought both the hard copy and the electronic copy. I'm dedicated.  Why does the publisher hate me?  I'm just a reader.  I love to read.  I love to mark things. (I also hate it that you're so lazy amazon.  You're so lazy you won't let me annotate sample content, probably because you're too lazy to write code to transfer the notes to the paid version of the book.  Maybe you're trying to say that annotation is a feature you get when you pay for the book, which I did.  Now give me my feature.  Give me my annotation.)

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