Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The best kindle/tablet case hasn't been invented yet

But I made a prototype the other day.  This is copyrighted, so when you steal it you have to give me a cut of the profits and a demonstration model, but it's really simple: Tablets (and especially ereaders) should be more ergonomic.  They need a case that's like a squeezy ball taped to the back of a Kindle or iPad.  The new cases with a glove on the back of a tablet are close, but they still need that grippy squeezy ball.  Especially when your reading in bed.  Currently I masking taped a squeezy ball to the back of my Kindle.  I really like it.  I might have to get more tape and try to attach it again.  Anyway.  This would be the best case.  Please contact me if you want to design and manufacture it so I can have one or if there's one already in existence that I could buy.  Maybe I don't know how to describe it.

TL;DR: squeezy ball on back of Kindle/iPad Case for ergonomic reading (© Copyright 2012, Thunt Industries)

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