Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poetic Review of the New Kindle

Kindle3 Keyboard, my best friend no more
the minute I held the new kindle
my old one was out the door
It might not have sound
there's no headphone cable to be found
for some reason they've forgotten
text to speech
deaf people they must think of least
and those who like their books occassionly read aloud
by a robotic voice from an electronic cloud
quickly forgotten
because not just it's size
but it's weight
I would advice
you weigh them both
one in each hand
and find while they both seem grand
one weighs a deck of cards
while the other seems rather light
more of a matchbook than a jack's delight
and that's where reading needs to be
on devices lighter than a feather
you see
for when you hold it
in your hand
for hours or more
and think it grand
that it's as heavy as a lead weight
I'll laugh at you and think it's great
my magic book weighs less than clouds
and from on high I'll shout aloud
this kindle's great and the one for me
at least until it runs out of batteries.

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