Monday, June 25, 2012

Amazon Kindle Menus appear at the top or bottom of the screen at random. Why not just pick one? Menu selection should not be a choose your own adventure game.

So, I'm trying to work with you on this whole, make highlighting harder on the Kindle thing.  But this one.  This really blows my mind.  I don't know where you got your developers Kindle, but I swear, I don't think they test or think about anything.

I push the button.  It prompts me from the bottom to "start highlight, define, etc, annoying."  I push the button again.

I highlight my section.  I push the button again.

It prompts me from the TOP! if I want to end the highlight.

I was staring at the bottom like a fool, thinking that the dialog box would come back in the same place.

SERIOUSLY people.  You built an ereader. You've got to get the interface out of the way and let me read my book.  Madness.  It's bad enough that you're making me click the button 4 times to highlight, twice as many button clicks than my previous Kindle, but now you're loading the menus at the top and the bottom, allowing me the fun of guessing where the menu will be.  Reading a book and making a highlight should not be a choose your own adventure game.  It should be easier.

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